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March 06,2019
Gell printing

Hi everyone. It's been some time since I posted last but all is not lost. I have been doing lots of artwork, some painting but also lots of monotypes on gell plates. These are a good subtitute for the costly etching presses which also take up a lot of room. Gell plates can be handmade and I will post a recipe that works very well and keeps without refrigeration and can be melted again and again. 

I have discovered delicate and detailed stencils and stamps or make them myself. I use a great variety of tools from twigs to brayers to make marks as long as they don't damage the surface of the plate. I use Gelli Arts plates and my own in various shapes like circles or squares. There are endless uses for the prints from journal pages to jewelry. I will post one of my favourites that I keep in my personal collection. I will be posting some new prints soon in my regular pages for sale and will be shipped on foam core or framed as the client wishes. Cheers, Sybille

Posted by Sybille Muschik at 12:57
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March, 2019