Cariboo Recollections
August 18,2019
You Tube video Launch

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to let you know I have decided to do some You Tube tutorials on subjects like gell plate monotype printmaking. Today, we launched the intro video (which is required to prove I am not a robot). We have already shot some tutrorial vedeo footage and just need to edit it. Probaly need to post it in several parts as I was instructinag a couple of ladies from the local gykhana club who bid on two lessons for an auction. It was such an enjoyable class. For the occasion I created a horse mask ( both positive and negative) from mineral paper which cuts wonderfully well and is not paper at all like Yupo paper. Hope you enjoy the video and especially the original music and photography by The Manitou and please like and subscribe to get notice of future tutorials. I've listed the link above and thank you for watching it and following my blog. 


Sybille Muschik



Posted by Sybille Muschik at 11:04
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