Cariboo Recollections
April 10,2007
Spring Finally

Quite a different winter this year with so much snow and such a late spring. Last weekend we took a drive to the Lower Crossing on the Blackwater River on a brilliant sunny totally blue sky day. However, it was bitterly cold -10C, with an icy wind that cut into you as though it were -20C. A cruel April fools joke to be sure! Needless to say, I hurried through taking pictures of haystacks and the swollen Blackwater River in fast mode buried in head band, winter jacket and warm gloves. Four days later, I was out in the garden raking up leaves, branches and ridding perennial flower beds of old dried plant material in +25C. How confusing. For artwork, recently, I had my show confirmed in Williams Lake Stationhouse Art Gallery. Will post the date when I get it after August- 07. This show will be based on our adventures throughout the Cariboo/Chilcotin. Some emphasis will be placed on the impact of climate change in the region. The burgundy dying pine trees give a bitter beauty to the landscape. In the studio, I am also teaching a couple of beginning painters the excitement of drawing as well as painting in acrylic. Teaching sometimes gets my creative juices flowing to produce some fun exercises and ends up with some fresh work of my own that heads me in new directions. Abstract pieces that teach students the formal language of art making infuse me with spring energy and incentive to tackle my own work with new insights. Funny how representational pieces usually need to be designed in an abstract way first. I have crocuses blooming by the snow and snowdrops that broke through the ice. How determined is that! I can do no less.

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