Cariboo Recollections
January 24,2011
Snow Canyons

Canyons. That's mostly what I can see outside is canyons of snow. We haven't had this much of the white stuff for many years. That's both a good thing and a bad thing for a painter. It means taking snow shadow pictures and mounded snow shots not to mention snow tree creature photos-very paintable. The bad thing is of course, choosing which snow picture to paint first. I also have a long list of painting assignments for myself relating to ongoing series and interpreting my experiences in Germany. This trip had been planned for a number of years and it couldn't have been better. We explored Berlin and saw fabulous art and architecture. We toured the gorgeous island of Rugen and revisited childhood haunts but didn't find any amber. Dresden was amazing including some exotic tourists and I actually stood beside a Ming vase in my favourite blue that was taller than me. The size of the paintings mostly sumptuous portraits was overwhelming-those artists really worked long hours. We are planning on going back. Getting paintings done of my impressions of my birthplace are certainly on the front burner when I'm not putting lessons together for upcoming classes in printmaking and oil. Some of the snowy views are naturally going to be part of the oil painting lessons. The class is called Easy Worry-Free oils. Since my stint at the Tony Onley Artists Project in Wells in '08 I haven't done much oil painting but am doing some fun oil based monoprints with Absolute Art for handicapped students. I teach these classes at the Recreation Centre in Quesnel also several private lessons in my studio. Teaching, I find, gives me the incentive to paint more. It keeps me fresh and helps me to work out ideas. Cheers for now.

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