Cariboo Recollections
October 18,2012

People who have pets realize how difficult and devastating it is to lose a beloved pet. Recently, we had to let our gorgeous and outrageously intelligent german shepherd Koehanna go. She was suffering from a variety of old age problems as she was almost 13 years old, such as deafness and slowly losing her sight. It all progressed to vestibular disease that affects the balance organs in the ears and is often accompanied by nausea so there were days when she couldn't eat anything. It was heartbreaking to watch her become so frail and the final decision had to be made. It all happened so fast. Last winter she was still accompanying me snowshoeing and cross country skiing. There are so many wonderful memories of our times together. She was my companion on painting trips or just hanging out with me in the studio. She attracted many passers by with her smiling face and friendly way while shopping or enjoying my favourite green tea latte's at the local sidewalk cafes or on our many walks down the river front trail. Many times I wanted to paint her portrait but in a way I was superstitious that if I did I might lose her. This final project about her will happen soon as I have many good photos of her. It's been difficult to get back into my painting routine so I have been working on marbling papers and now just started paper making for a charity project for the local Hospice Society. As well, keeping busy with projects such as winterizing the garden is the best remedy for me right now.

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