Cariboo Recollections
February 23,2013

It's been a nerve wracking busy two weeks. I am curating and showing in an exhibition called Artimesians for the month of March in the Quesnel Art Gallery. We have a specific concept in mind. It's common knowledge that artists are innovators. They seldom see things the way others see them. You could have a group of artists working on the same subject but no two works will be alike. Their unique vision has lead to major art movements and innovations in many other fields of endeavour. At the same time, each artist in this case fine artist, has a personal visual language that in spite of diverging or evolving interests has a recognizable way of working that translates throughout their work. Many times artists suffer categorization such as being a landscape or portrait painter when in fact most artists work in a variety of genres and often media. Having a recognizable visual language that translates over many genres is the point we want to make in our show. Our show is entirely of women, we picked our name from that talented Renaissance painter Artemesia Gentileschi who, in spite of personal difficulties, persevered in what was then and to some degree still is a male dominated profession. Even in her own time, she was recognized as a leading portrait painter. She also painted biblical allegorical works such as the disturbing "Judith (and Holofermes)" which may have been a way to work through the sexual abuse she suffered in her early life. In our show we also want to honour women's struggle to succeed in a critical world.

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