Cariboo Recollections
September 13,2008

There should be a colour called poplar. Then you could also have poplar cool shade, warm shade, poplar deep and poplar light. I have been studying poplars lately, particularly during our latest camping session on the Nazko River. The many shades of these lovely trees are driving me to distraction! We had just two days trying out the new wall tent though the first night was an uncomfortable-2c. The next night we broke out the tent heater and rearranged bedding so were much more cozy. The dog enjoyed the tent and couldn't wait to dive into it to her rug every night. She loved the fields with the unmowed grasses bounding through them like a demented Kangaroo. She no doubt was bored watching me paint poplars, of course, and a little grotto created by willows that draped the Nazko River. On the third day the weather turned and ended up in downpours later in the evening, that are common this time of year. We packed quickly knowing what we were in for and managed to avoid the mess. By the way, for those of you who write to me to this blog in German, I am very rusty and do the best to answer you but will reply only in English. If you wish a reply to your message please ensure I can access your e-mail address.

photo of poplar field

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