Cariboo Recollections
January 13,2012
Where is the snow?

Well here we are again. Another year flown by. Lots happening in my art career. This summer I attended the Tony Onley Artists Project for the Island Mountain Arts in Wells BC and racked off quite a number of monotypes. My mentors, internationally renowned artists Harald Clunder and Libby Hague were great supports as both had done lots of printmaking. My project for this mentor based workshop was to do monotypes and follow up by producing paintings to further explore the imagery in a different medium. Best of intentions aside, I did mostly monotypes often combining several to get a bigger piece. The work was physically demanding as I was printing oil monotypes by hand- a challenge to be sure. On the final day of work before the show day I managed to paint a 3ft x3ft painting to go with a particularly successful print just to fulfill my promise to myself. I want to do more of this but believe having a portable press might be just the ticket to get the idea really perking. In the meantime, I dream of snow (should be coming this weekend) for my snowshoeing excursions with all my friends and their doggies. My dear Koehanna is now 12 and still coming but she has slowed down a bit and I have to stop her from chasing around with all the puppies in the group or suffer the consequences. I want to wish all my fans a happy New Year. I'm always amazed at how many people view the work. Thanks to those who have purchased art and who sent comments as they are very appreciated.

Posted by Sybille Muschik at 01:36
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