Cariboo Recollections
January 23,2012
Thinking time

As usual being somewhat of a night owl, I'm putting a new blog entry in during the wee hours. We've had quite a cold snap with the middle of last week hovering at -40. Needless to say, the poor dog did her business very quickly and rushed back in. My studio was looked at longingly but acrylic paint does not do well below 15 degrees celsius and my studio thermometer even with the furnace on every few minutes was still only 13 and there is an extra heater as well. I kept busy catching up on reading, some crocheting and writing up lessons for my upcoming Acrylic class February 4th at the Arts and Recreation Centre in Quesnel which I'm really looking forward to. I just posted a new painting to the site called Vacancy. Although it's fairly small there is an interesting story that goes with it. It was another occasion when my painting friend and I were eying some interesting sites south of town. We knocked on a ranch house door but after a brief time with no answer we retreated when we spied a neighbour taking an interest. Crossing the street, we struck up a conversation and found out a little bit more about his neighbours. I have to quit for now, will finish this next session. Stay tuned.

Posted by Sybille Muschik at 12:52
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