Cariboo Recollections
December 30,2019

Hello everyone,

My coach Joshua(Josh) Blanc and I just made a new video about our studio equipment set-up. Some of you who are considering starting a video channel might find  the imformation useful. My huband built a very sturdy boom for showing working hands in the forward position so it's easy to follow the instructions for the art tutorials that I do. Josh also films me working and demonstrating to add another interesting dimention to the video. He then weaves in some of his original music I commissioned to create an enjoyable ambience as you follow the tutorial. We will be posting this video shortly-still some editing to do.

The next tutorial will continue with monotype printmaking  with just me using Createx water based monotype paints. I will post some of the prints on this site and at the end of the video.

As promised, I have uploaded some new work. Anticipation, Kayaking on a Dreamy Summer Afternoon, Botanical Explorations and Treee Bark, all based on the lake I live on. The lake is facing many challenges and I am documenting flora and fauna as I see changes that need to be addressed or have special appeal like the beauty of a season, time of day or just enjoying the opportunities living by water affords. Happy New Year!

Posted by Sybille Muschik at 12:16
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