Cariboo Recollections
August 13,2006
Summer%92s Almost Over

This summer started off with a tent camping trip to Tatuk Lake in the central interior of British Columbia. We haven't tent camped for a great many years but weren't sure if the trusty but aging motorhome could manage the gravel roads. The site is breathtaking with countless islands in the crystal clear lake. I managed to circumnavigate qite a few with the dog who was being ballast in the front of the Sea Eage which suits me perfectly as it's a kayak shaped rubber dingy that handles like a Kayak without the tipping worry as my camera is always along and I do get quite excited about what I see at times. Hubby Jim has his own but much smaller version of the Sea Eagle for his trout fishing. Jim and I set up the tent designed on some alien world and of course the directions had supposedly been lost. After struggling with its unwieldy design and having it collapse several times we finally saw the light and set up a cozy camp. The biggest problem was the bed in the tent was on the ground which was comfortable but crawling around on hands and knees is not conducive to good humour especially in the middle of the night. We have since bitten the financial bullet and purchased an off the ground bed and appropriate tent so our next foray into the wilderness will be considerably easier on knees and elbos. I even racked off three little plein air watercolours which I may post. Since then we did manage to camp with family in the motorhome at Batnuni Lake which is somewhat closer. Our son caught seven unbelievable rainbows for a gourmet feast for our second night out-there's no taste like fresh trout. Even the dog enjoyed a small treat. There is quite a breeze blowing at the main Batnuni campsite so it's mosquito free for the most part but we wore warm jackets at night and a cozy camping blanket is very useful. Art wise, this summer, I participated as one of the artists in Artists in Gardens in Quesnel on July 16 at the lovingly tended and colourful Sargent Garden, as well as Art in the Market in Quesnel on August 12. Lots of people were able to see the work and I thank everyone who stopped by to say hellow and made such great comments on my display of paintings and marbling pieces. Now that summer is drawing to a close there will be lots of garden stuff to process and art classes that I'm teaching to prepare for this fall. Have a great rest of the summer. Sybille Tatuk Lake Dock

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