Cariboo Recollections
December 30,2019

Hello everyone,

My coach Joshua(Josh) Blanc and I just made a new video about our studio equipment set-up. Some of you who are considering starting a video channel might find  the imformation useful. My huband built a very sturdy boom for showing working hands in the forward position so it's easy to follow the instructions for the art tutorials that I do. Josh also films me working and demonstrating to add another interesting dimention to the video. He then weaves in some of his original music I commissioned to create an enjoyable ambience as you follow the tutorial. We will be posting this video shortly-still some editing to do.

The next tutorial will continue with monotype printmaking  with just me using Createx water based monotype paints. I will post some of the prints on this site and at the end of the video.

As promised, I have uploaded some new work. Anticipation, Kayaking on a Dreamy Summer Afternoon, Botanical Explorations and Treee Bark, all based on the lake I live on. The lake is facing many challenges and I am documenting flora and fauna as I see changes that need to be addressed or have special appeal like the beauty of a season, time of day or just enjoying the opportunities living by water affords. Happy New Year!

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December 24,2019
Merry Christmas

Hi everyone,

It's been an eventful year. i started a You Tube video channel Sybille Muschik or Shorline Studio. I was very fortunate to find a very talented coach for editing my videos. He is also a very good musician who wrote the background music for my site (Music of the Lake). Check out his music on bandcamp.

Mostly artwise, I am continuing with acrylic painting and monoype printmaking with the gell plate. My latest exhibition was in October at the Quesnel Art Gallery. I will post some new work in a few days. Time to take a break and plan some new videos. I especially enjoy working with my artistic friends and showing them a medium they are not familiar with but the work they come up with is great. It's so much fun to work this way. When you visit the site please like and subscribe so you can get noified of the latest one we produce. 

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate or best of the season to those who celebrate in their own way. May the New Year be filled with much laughter, joy, good health and prosperity.

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