Cariboo Recollections
November 17,2021
Exciting News

Hi everyone, 

Exciting happenings for the last couple of years. My Shoreline Studio YouTube channel is gaining popularity steadily. It's now sitting closer to 600. I have a talented video editor, filmographer and composer of lovely original music (as a composer he is the Manitou) Joshua Blanc. Check out his Band camp posts and YouTube. We both do photography and editing for the video blog. I'm doing tutorials about gell plate printing. There are no end of challenging and fun things you can do as an artist with the gell plate. Sometimes I do plein air painting during our outings. We visit local sites that end up as short interlude videos between paint drying times. Because of Covid 19 restrictions, I have not been able to host painting classes in my studio but being on a world wide video channel has opened up many opportunities for international students many of whom are new found artist friends. I also have a Facebook Page called Shoreline Studio where I post the latest video, art happenings and art tips. Check out my Instragram site as well, Shoreline 01. Youtube and Instagram have really opened up the world of art.  To see artwork from so many sources is endlessly inspiring and I hope that my tutorials will insprire someone to enjoy art making as much as I do.

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